Friday, September 13, 2013


After wrapping up the edits on Frenzy, it was time to think about my next novel. I bounced some ideas around with my editor and we decided on a concept that falls into the same genre as Frenzy, a science-thiller with a good mix of horror. I'm excited to announce that the follow up to my debut is tentatively titled MERGO. The good people at Disney-Hyperion have graciously allowed me to say a little bit about the plot. 

When a family member falls deathly ill, 14-year-old Piper turns to her classmate Tad for comfort. Tad, an amateur botanist, tells her there's a Seminole legend of a cure-all flower found only in an unexplored section of Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp. Desperate for any glimmer of hope, Piper convinces Tad to accompany her on a hunt for the flower.

What awaits them in the country’s largest black water swamp is an entity the Creek Indians, now long gone, spoke of in hushed, fearful tones. The Seminole believed that the swamp's first settlers, the mystical Tasketcha tribe, still existed as evil spirits, forever tethered to their burial mounds found in the dark heart of the waterlogged forest.

If Piper has any chance of saving her loved one, she’ll have to do the impossible—find the miracle flower, face her past, and overcome an ancient evil known only as Mergo

Not official book art

Mergo's publication date is a still a long way off, but it's nice to sink my teeth into a new story. I'll post updates on this project as it develops.


  1. I received The Murk through NetGalley and loved it. Such a cool book. I reviewed it at NetGalley,Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and LibraryThing. While reading it on my Kindle I took time to look up some of the plants mentioned and the garden place in England with the deadly plants. Wow, so freaky and extremely interesting. Just curious, where did this story idea spawn from?

    1. Hi there! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Murk, and thank you so much for the multiple review postings. To answer your question, I've always felt a connection to the swamp, having grown up with one in my backyard. As for the antagonist in The Murk, well, it came from doing research. I love scouring the internet and libraries for weird science articles. The weirder the better. When I find something that fascinates me personally I begin to weave a story around it. I try to incorporate real science as often as possible so that even though my stories may seem far fetched, there's maybe a .0002% chance that they could actually happen in the real world. Frenzy, for example, was inspired by a Nat Geo article explaining how rabies could potentially combine with a fast-acting virus and go airborne.
      I'm so glad you took the time to research some of the plants I mentioned in The Murk. I should also mention that the story of the Daughters of the Sun is an authentic Oke legend and on occasion people still venture into the swamp in search of the mysterious vanishing island. Thanks for the question!