Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Ending 3-9-2013

Not a bad week, all-in-all. Here are a few things I'm thankful for. 

A fantastic episode of the Walking Dead. 
Lunch with an old friend at PF Changs. I'm also thankful for the waitress who upgraded my orange beef to the dinner portion. Some things are worth the guilt.
Starting the planning phase of the research trip for my new book. Saving my receipts for the tax write-off.
Thankful that this was a good week for my sick buddy. He seemed to have a little more spring in his step. 
An idea for a new book. And even though my agent prefers some of my other ideas, it's not a bad thing when her reason for concern is this: “Actually, I wonder if [name of new book] is too scary? (It certainly reminds me of one of those Twilight Zone episodes you see too young and can just never ever get over.)” 
The guy who took us into two wars is now obsessively painting dogs (50 so far, according to his art teacher). Oh, and he's also painting self portraits of himself in the tub. Thankful for our current president.
Thankful for awesome bargain bin finds.

What are YOU thankful for?