Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Good Doctor

When the second draft of my book is finished I will be illustrating a childrens book for a local chiropractor. I stopped by today to discuss it with him, pick up a check and take some photos of his face so that in my free time (which I have so precious little of) I can figure out how to illustrate him as a character for the book.

When I finished working on Lucy Clayfoot for the evening I sat down with my digital tablet and rendered a 5 minute sketch of the Doc. It's not great, but it made me laugh so I'm posting it here. I spent about twenty seconds on the little kid and the spine, obviously. The doc is a big guy, so I'm streamlining him a bit, Disney-style.

When I jump into his project in a few weeks I'll post some conceptual stuff here.

I'm also working on four brand new Lucy Clayfoot paintings and those will be on my website,, when they are finished.

Hope everyone is having a great week. The weekend is right around the corner (we all take a collective deep breath and exhale.)