Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Completed Quarantine Painting

I'll probably make some changes later, but this is the completed painting I have been working on for chapter four. Lots more detail, obviously. Tomorrow it's back to writing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Above is a new painting for chapter four of Lucy Clayfoot. There's more work to do on it, as it will be part of Lucy's "notebook" like the Ramble image, so I'll add text and neat little details about the animals shown here, not sure I'll post it when it's finished.
This scene takes place in the Quarantine Lab, where new animals are inspected and treated for diseases before entering the general populous of the zoo. The thing in the water tank is a baby Kraken. You probably saw the adult version in Pirates of the Caribbean.
I'm writing chapter six this week, I hope to have it finished by Thursday, then on to chapter seven.
Speaking of animals in labs, my sheltie Casey hurt his leg this week. Got X-rays done today and his bones aren't broken, so it may be a combination of arthritis and a bad sprain. Poor little guy is having a hard time. Reminds me too much of when Aslan got sick last year.
My sister is in Mongolia, she was living with nomadic reindeer herders all month, but now she's heading on to the capital of Ulan Bator. CNN reported extensive flooding there, but hopefully she'll be okay.
Too much to worry about. Missing too many people I love.